Swim Coach

Sara Jankowski is a swim coach for the Coffman Crocs. She assists Chris and Roy at the Fairborn location. Sara began swimming, and diving, at the age of two. She started competitively swimming, at age 8, for the Garfield Heights City Pool - Summer Swim Team. At age 9, she started swimming for the Bedford YMCA Water Wizards. When Sara was an AFS exchange student, at age 16, she swam for Toowoomba State High School in Queensland, Australia. Some of her favorite events include the 500 Freestyle and the 200 IM. As an adult, Sara has included swimming in her physical fitness regime. Sara enjoys working with a personal trainer at Tfit Gym in Springboro. She also likes hiking, yoga, Zumba, modern dance, and cardio boxing. Swimming, Art, and Wellness, are her focus. She attended Ohio University and Lesley University and studied Studio Art, Psychology, and Art Therapy. She has served children and adults in Athens, Ohio; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio. Sara has taught in elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities. Sara is grateful for the opportunity to work with Head Coach Toby. Life is Good All the Time!


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